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10 Tips That Will Make You Influential In modern technology

modern technology

Over time, the technology has evolved and society has changed. There are many “cooler cool” things in the past, nowadays have been killed by modern technology, for remorse for irrelevant people.

Almost 20 years ago, many young people today will feel really gorgeous about how to entertain you or even your dad.

At that time, it was not as popular and popular as the technology. Without Facebook, no Snapchat, no phone, no ipod … we will have other fun. But then the technology is further developed, things rolled rhymes; many things are called “calm” ancient society around ancient death today.

modern technology

  1. Most people do not send postcards:

Occasionally, people should sign a postal code, special postcards and post by phone or email.

Now, the email explodes in spam, perhaps more than the feeling of getting a letter of grace. Unfortunately, this practice is almost … extinct in this era.

  1. There is no sudden visit:

Previously, when the desk phone is not popular, you are unexpectedly normal to sleep at home.

Today, strangers travel and bring fun or fun, even consider … ungainly. Where can I get a phone call without notice?

  1. When the papers are empty:

It is still old, refreshed no longer when you wake up, coffee in some newspapers and a cup of coffee and new ink smell.

Now read the story more convenient. With a smart, networked device, you can access all the resources in the world including live audio and video. The good thing to touch a paper newspaper is the only thing that some people understand.

  1. Destroy the map printing industry:

The emergence of GPS and smart handheld devices (smartphones, tablets and laptops) actually killed the map industry.

In the past, when a road was open, people had to buy a new map. Now, the application completes an entire update.

However, the paper map still has a useful place, as the case of exploration in remote locations, for example.

  1. What is the tape rent?

The film market has gone through a series of changes in the videotape to the DVD player. But overall, the previous generation has a bad entertainment option, which is watching gliding and watching movies (or purchases) through tape shops.

Now what? Netflix, Hulu, and countless other film applications push tape and discs into the past.

The music is similar to listening. Instead of sharing each CD, now just need a cable to attach the iPod to the computer.

  1. Photography:

Perhaps now, movie cameras are only nostalgic interest As a result of the emergence of mechanical cameras and digital cameras, suddenly the film camera is so old. Even the water considered as “unique” in the film camera, the smartphone app can do very well.

  1. When you “go crazy” it may not understand:

The previous generation may come across a team occasionally, flipping like never before, then gliding. Everything that happens in the party will be there.

Nowadays, it’s impossible, with Snapchat, Instagram, and especially Facebook. Try to get the attention, tomorrow you are like vintage

  1. Concert … not only enjoy the music:

The theme of “flipping” is to be very happy at the old day concert. Everyone was very happy, nothing disturbed.

Today, people are still very happy, but hands are busy taking the phone to take a particle screen again, thorns again.

  1. Waiting for baby’s birth:

When a ultrasound machine, who knows the fetus is a boy or a girl? Everything is known … when heaven is born, and only when the child is born.

But now only 3 months have known it is more convenient, because it helps to make the child better for the child. However, the wonder feeling is no longer anymore.

  1. Public discourse “extinct”:

Flying for example, cut! It’s a popular people game of the 90s. Now, the same thing is an individual photography stick.