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Analog Devices’ 2MHz boost/SEPIC/inverter features


The analog devices, powered by the linear LT 8364, have a current mode, an internal 4A, 60M switch with 2 MHS STEP up DC / DC converter.

The device manages from an input voltage range of 2.8V to 60V and is made for applications with input sources from a single cell Li-Act battery to battery stacks, automotive input, telecom power supply and industrial power stations.

info technologyLT8364 can be configured as a boost, aspiric or converter converter, and its switching frequency can be programmed between 300 kg and 2 MHz, the designers can reduce the external component size and avoid the complex frequency band such as AM radio.

It gives 90% functionality when switching to 2 MHG. The explosion mode operation reduces the quiscent current to only 9μA when the output wave below 15mVp-p is a small 4mm x 3mm DFN or high voltage MSOP-16E package and the combination of small externals means it has a highly compact footprint, while at the same time while reducing costs

The LT 8364’s 100m power switch provides more than 95% efficiency. It provides spread spectrum frequency modulation for reducing emi anxiety. A single response pin output positive or negative, determines whether the output voltage decreases or decreases the pin count.

Other features include external synchronization, programmable UVLO, frequency circle and programmable soft-start.

LT8364EDE a 4mm x 3mm DFN-12 package is available and LT8364EMSE is available for a high voltage MSOP-16E (4 pin for high voltage spacing). Version of the industrial temperature (̶ 40 ° x 125 ° C) (LT8364IDE and LT8364IMSE), and high temperature (̶ 40 ° to 150 ° C) version (LT8364HDE and LT8364HMSE) is available.

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