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ASUS X99 Deluxe Review


At each automotive show, you’ll realize a smattering of great patrons World Health Organization have the real interest—and the capital—to eventually get a number of the exotic wheels on show. However most of the oldster’s area unit simply there to look: kicking the tires, and fantasizing. Their best-fit daily driver is a few things nearer to a Toyota Camry than a Testcross.

Asus X99 Deluxe (Overhead View)

The Intel X99 electronic equipment platform, new for 2014, may be a bit like that. Therefore are unit the highest motherboards for it. We have a tendency to expect numerous oglers, fewer serious patrons.

That’s as a result of the X99 platform is that the new supercar of the desktop-PC world. If you’re dropping $1,000 approximately on a high-end eight-core electronic equipment just like the new desktop speed leader, the Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition Best value at Amazon, and many hundred bucks (at least!) on new quad-channel DDR4 memory for your X99-chipset-based monster machine, you’re the laptop equivalent of that rarified purchaser. And like that purchaser, you’re not planning to accept the fabric seats, given all else that you’re splurging on: You nearly actually need a feature-packed motherboard to make your mega-PC on.

While Asus’ X99-Deluxe is that the initial board we’ve tested designed for Intel’s “Haswell-E” enthusiast platform, it’s safe to mention it ought to air your listing if AN X99 build with multiple graphics cards is what you’re designing on. Or rather, it ought to air your listing if your MasterCard isn’t already maxed out—because the X99-Deluxe has AN MSRP of $399 (and was marketing for no but that on-line from varied e-tailers after we wrote this).

Now, $400 may be a heap to obtain a motherboard, to be sure. However X99 may be a pricy platform to begin with, and it’s solely very suited to extreme power gamers and people World Health Organization understand they have the foremost grunt potential with multi-threaded applications. If you be the gamer camp and you’re designing on dropping 3 or a lot of high-end graphics cards into your system (this board really has 5 PCIe x16 slots), then what quantity the motherboard prices is maybe the smallest amount of your budget worries.

Asus X99 Deluxe (Vertical Left View)

Even so, what will $400 price of fashionable motherboard get you here in late summer 2014? To mention the Asus X99-Deluxe is overflowing with hardware options is hardly AN exaggeration. Other than the 5 graphics-card-capable slots (plus a PCIe x4 slot), this board has twelve total SATA ports (some of them overlapping with the rising, high-speed SATA categorical kind), and ten USB three.0 ports (with four a lot of obtainable via board headers). With eight RAM slots and therefore the needed chip coolers, the large 2011-V3 socket, and a set of switches and headers, and a diagnostic digital display, this board is extremely dense—so a lot of so Asus mounted the M.2 high-speed-storage slot vertically, a primary among boards we’ve seen. (More on it later.)

And whereas you won’t realize a sink (or any USB enlargement brackets) within the deep assortment of accessories enclosed within the box, it’s close. Among the numerous elements in baggies, you’ll realize a singular one with this board: AN add-in M.2 solid-state-drive (SSD) adapter card that you just will visit the PCIe x4 slot. (We’ll get into that later, too.)

The X99-Deluxe is feature overkill—and then some—for patrons World Health Organization aren’t designing on putting in many high-end graphics cards and eight sticks of RAM. Except for all the options it will pack into its commonplace ATX unfold, the board feels well set out. And whereas the plastic shroud round the I/O plate doesn’t serve a lot of purpose apart from aesthetics, the boards white accents, set out against the black PCB; do look nice in a very white case with a window. It should otherwise be the last word motherboard up to now for AN Imperial Storm trooper-themed laptop build.

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