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Eat food for travel

Eat food for travel

Are you planning a long trip? Can you find the world in every way of transporting trains, air flights, road travel etc? Are you a little upset that you will often have to attend the rest house? Traveling time to avoid frequent burnout stops eating foods this article has just valuable information to help you out.

You can have many reasons why you frequent trip. It can cause allergy or food intolerance. If you have a similar suspicion, take a careful note of certain foods in a diary. For example, you may be paying a visit after spicy foods.

There are some people, after having chocolate or milk (lactose intolerance) racing to the rest room. Please note your intolerance.

During the trip, there is a time when you do not get the food you need. If you can only get food, then they are selected only with cheese or yogurt as they have low lactose.


You can see a place where the dish can be made of solid components which become constipation. No worries just include the dish which contains more fiber as oatmeal and salad. This makes the food go easy through the cooked tract of hard ingredients.

Spinach / greens

You can use different types of dark nuts in salad or fried foods (in time, six). Please remember, chicken is rich in iron, which gives you the power explosion during tracking and other events. Containing fiber, this diet is easy to digest, however, avoid avoiding this meal in the night.


If you are in a hot area, a recipe mixed with cold tomatoes can give you relief. This fruit can be part of any food, so just look and choose the best. As a part of the recipe, it helps in proper digestion of tomato and prevents constipation, which allows you to often go to look.


Nutrition and Vitamins High, a fresh avocado can be cut into pieces and can be made in a salad or dance just bring the necessary energy during travel. It has been noticed that, if your stomach has the proper order, the rest will be well during travel. Dehydration and low energy can often be shifted to depression, and during travel, the height of the positive level may be or you are burping the gastric problem because of the level of immunity that is experiencing a dip.


You can cut a small piece of cake and mix it with carrots and other vegetables to make a tasteful salad. Or you can cut it into medium pieces and use it as a side dish. They add the texture to add and give the jaw a good crunching action during the meal. In addition, high water content travel times help to maintain the balance of water in the body.

Nut butter

It contains several different types of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. Properly packaged nuts can give a good dressing to a crunch digest and drift fish, which is easy to digest.

Nuts / walnuts / cough

All three fibers contain the right amount. A small bottle mixing with the three mentioned can give you the right strength if you do not get any food during the trip. Have, choose raw, unwanted and unusual diversity; however they can help to maintain hunger for some time.

Yams / sweet potatoes

If there are many activities related to travel tracking, cycling, you need to include plenty of glucose, minerals, beta-carotene, vegetables / fruits. Potatoes and sesame are easy to digest and they can be eaten with just a mixture of flat or honey.

You are going to catch a flight, a good choice for vegetarian food. Or take a big shiny meal before the flight.


Make it mandatory to ignore the sign given by your body. Agree, you may encounter situations where situations will give time for recovery. Have, taking appropriate precautions in this case so that the event is not admitted to the hospital.