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Google officially launches Android P – and has support for notches

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Google has officially announced its next version of its mobile operating system, Android P, which you can expect to see in the last few handsets of this year. Only a handful of new features have been unveiled so far, but they include support for the exhibition with notches inspired by the iPhone X.

To get started, Android P is going to be available as a developer preview, which means you need to register with Google as a developer (and have a number of an approved number) software to install this first version.

The final release date of Android P is still confirmed, but it will be at some point in the third quarter of the year, Android 8 8.0 was as in the case of Oreo (by which time would have us a full name). As usual, it will get the first update of Google’s phone.

android-p-1What’s new Google will drop-out new features to the public in the coming year, but we already know that Android P includes support for notches on the bracelet-free display (such as Asus ZenFone 5). In September last year, Apple’s flagship phone clearly showed a brilliant presence, face-to-face camera and face recognition technology housing, other phone makers are following their handset trends – though not significantly significant in the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Native pointing support means developers can not think too much about switching their apps to full screen mode without the device with the cutout at the top of the display – almost everything should be handled automatically.

Enabling a new technology called Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time (RTT) makes it easy for mapping the applications to enter your location; messaging notices are becoming richer with smart answers and photo previews for solicitation. By the nearby router ping.

Android P is able to stream feed from two cameras together – such as those on your phone and behind the camera capture – and overall camera capture will be able to handle the access to the background microphone and camera also, reducing the possibility of any chance of your apps definitely espioned on you

Battery optimization, improved image compression and quick access to AI-specific features include other small improvements. These improvements are very low-level, like a developer preview release – a big change that you’re really going to mention will be announced in the near future.

Now all eyes are on Google I / O, the annual developer conference that starts on May 8th. If it has been followed by tradition, Google will say more about Android AP and we can expect new features now. Meanwhile, developers may be busy prepping preppers for software upgrades, while a public beta program is also in the pipeline.