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Let’s go to Tech Technology 10 Tech site


Here are some technology sites where the latest tech news updates are updated in minutes. Detailed updates on mobile, computer and gadgets are available on these sites. If you know English fairly well, these people will be able to visit them.

1. Mashable

I think people who do not know this site are very few. This is an all-rounder site where posts of social media, technology and web culture are also available. Mashhad is one of the top-most listed sites in which professionals are as well as many visitors of common man. So it’s not a problem to understand the content here. Personally this site is my favorite. I visit this site once every day.

2. Wired.com
This is one of the biggest tech magazines in the United States. The best in the virtual world as a resource for technology. Gadgets, mobile to cars, entertainment and even the news of politics is not excluded! The writers write down as well as the general writers write it down.

3.CNET Blogs
This site is known as the meeting place for millions of users around the world. Consumers’ direct reviews are available on this site quite effectively. Alongside other authors, this site has its own stuff of more than 40+. Information about all the products that are coming out, including Apple, Android, Robotics, Gaming, Digital Media, and Health, are available here. If you want to know about the interesting fun of technology then this blog is for you.AdobeStock

4.  NY Times’ Bits Blog
This site is well known to the NY Times cover, Tech Leader such as Google, Apple, Enterprise Technology, Government Politics and the Internet as well as how it is changing our work and life day by day. Posts here are made up of a modern tech idea, and content is also quite understandable.

5. Motherboard
The look of this site will surprise you with one word. The design of the site is quite like me. Motherboard technology is made up of focus but other issues are also found. Here you will be familiar with the unique, well-written tech post and many new news that you did not expect. There is also video room on this site.

6. Techi
There will be many interesting tech news stories along with tech related news on this site. If you visit this site with the interesting aspects of technology, you can understand that technology is the best means of entertainment, rather than woodwork.

7. All Facebook
Hope to see the name and understand what the site is about. This site can be ideal for the latest news about Facebook. You can find out which apps are being used by most people or can find out that the social giant is currently heading towards it.

8. CNN.com Tech
Everyone knows about CNN’s news, they always pre-release breaking news of the current time. And their Tech Online division is quite informative. Most of the news here are computer, internet and technological innovation that are easy to write in.

9.  Digital Trends
Tech news, as well as entertainment news, design wars. This site will show you the most hot tech news of the day. Reviews, updates, and more about the details of the tutorials. Take a look at the rest.

10. Info Technology