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Microsoft Word Released From Copy Paste? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Microsoft Word

A great application for Microsoft Word document processing. It was released on October 25, 1983 by Microsoft Corporation. In this post, some tips are shared with Microsoft Word. The first thing I want to say is that we use MS Word software on computer, according to American grammar. That’s why we may have some spelling mistakes for so many times. He must be careful about all that. [Excel’s highly recommended 10 methods]

Frequent copy paste is released from

Here is the difference between typing machine and hand writing with computer. To write a similar type of text on the computer, it is pasted on the copy, but in many cases it is difficult to copy the text in different places. However, Macro is available free from the hassle, ie, it is best to use Macro instead of Paste and Copy.

How to understand spelling mistakes

In Microsoft Word, it is often seen that the red red spots appear on the bottom of the word or line. This red stain has a special meaning. That is – Spelling error.

Grafting wrong solution-

Sometimes the green stain is seen in the word or sentence, if there is such a green stain, it is understood that there is a grammatical error in the line. Use the following methods to solve spelling mistakes and grammar problems.

Troubleshoot problems of spelling mistakes and grammar-

Microsoft WordIf there is a red or green spot under the word or line, clicking on the right-hand side of the mouse and clicking on a chart will come in a chart. In that chart, some correct words of the word (like Word) will be displayed (select the correct word). To do otherwise, press F7. Then there will be a dialog box called Spelling and Grammar English (us-). Here the word or line in the Not in dictionary box will be red or green and the correct word or line will be given in the suggestion box below. To change this, click Change (in the case of a word or a line) or click Change all (for all the words or lines in the document). If you do not want to change, click Ignore all. After doing everything, click the close button.

How to Create Macro

In order to create a Macro, you will find a dialog box called “Record Macro” as well as clicking on Macro’s Record New Macro from the Tools (from Views menu in Windows 7) menu. Enter the name in the Macro Name box of this dialog box. Then in the Assing macro to box, there will also be another dialog box called Coustomize Keyboard. In the dialog box of the new dialog, type ‘Shortcut key’ (Ctrl + I or any other key) in the new shortcut key and click OK. Now you have to start writing the empty page or cursor. When you finish typing the Tools menu (in the case of Windows 7 from the View menu), clicking on Macro’s Stop Recording in Submenu Macro will complete the construction of the Macro. If you want to use the created macro, press the shortcut key (Ctrl + I or any other key) in the right place or the Macro dialog box will appear as you click on the submenu’s Macro or Alt + F8 in the Tools menu (from the Views menu in Windows 7). Record macro will be added to that dialog box.

Made of table or table

To create a new template or to add more table around the created table, go to the Table menu submenu Insert (from the Insert menu in Windows 7) and click Table. Then there will be a dialog box called Insert Table. Number of columns in Number of column from Table size in this dialog box and how many rows in Number of rows are written in it. And click ok.

Rows and columns are added to the table

To add new columns and rows to the table, go to Table (From the menu on the menu to the Windows 7). Go to the submenu Insert menu of this menu, Add Columns to the left (Adding Columns to the left), Columns to the Right column, Rows above (for adding Rows above), Rows below Click on

Delete table / column / row

It’s a little different about removing anything in the table. Select something inside the table or the entire table and press the Delete key to delete only the text but not delete the table. To delete any column, row etc. in the table, go to the Table menu submenu Delete. Now another menu will come. If you want to delete one of the table columns Rows Cells, then delete it as soon as you click.

Selecting the table is a little different. At the top left of the table there is a plus sign in the small box. Clicking this symbol will select the entire table. And if you want to select it separately, either by clicking on it in the Table menu submenu Seclet and click on any of the table columns Rows. Then it will be selected.

Cells are merged

There are several columns and rows in the table. For many times, for columns of work, two or more columns and rows have to be turned into one. Then select as many columns and rows you want to make in one. After selecting it, after clicking on the submenu merge cells in the table menu, the stains in the table will be deleted and it will be turned into a box.

Split cells

Again, to make a number of columns or rows in many columns or rows, first select those columns or rows. When you click on the submenu Split cells in the Table menu, there will be a dialog box called Split cells. By typing the number of rows in the number of columns of this dialog box and how many rows in the number of rows, click on OK.

Table Split Split Table

Many times, we have to divide one table into two groups. Then go to the Table menu, click on Split Table and divide it into two parts, at the place where the table is to be divided.

Table Auto format

The Table menu has submenu table Auto format, to make the table look beautiful. Clicking on it will bring a dialog box named Table Auto format. After clicking on any one of the categories in this dialog box, the sample will be displayed in Preview in the table styles with the names of several tables. Now select one of these categories and click on Apply different Formats to click on all or a few different ones. Click OK.

If you want to create a new table, click New. Create your own beautiful look, the most beautiful of your choice. If you do not like a table, then that name is in Syllable