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Mobile technology, its importance, current and future trends

Mobile technology

Mobile technology is a technology that is mostly used in cellular communication and other related aspects. It uses a platform form where many transmitters have the ability to send data at the same time with a single channel. This platform is called multiple accesses to code-division (CDMA). This platform allows many users to use single frequencies because it controls the possibility of interference from frequencies from two or more sources. This channel has evolved over the years. Mobile technology is developing rapidly; over the years, its uses are becoming diverse and are used for gradual marketing to replace some similar sources in the market. Post office and land line mobile technology is a simple GPS navigation, internet browsing, gaming, instant messaging tools etc. The devices used to debate with the tendency of professionals to use in a multi-tasking device have been improved from the devices used for phone calls and messaging that have left the future of computer technology Networking and Mobile Computing Tablets and Portable Computing Through the mobile technology is becoming more popular.

Two decades ago mobile technology was a mystery, but now it has become essential for both rural and urban areas. The technology of mobile technology started as an extraordinary achievement in the world but now, it is transformed into user comfort technology due to the current various functionality. When the mobile was first launched, it was originally used for SMS, Call and Game. But it has now transformed into a digital world and made life and business much easier; now the market has the ability to sell their products easily through mobile technology. The mobile can transfer files and other files to users via Bluetooth and WiFi. The phone is equipped with an Internet connection, it makes it easy for the user to get information and download files from the Internet. Video call conferencing is another achievement that has been implemented through mobile technology. The business men and the clients do not even see the person even have channels to communicate. Using mobile technology, it is now easy with every form of entertainment from the comfort of your home. It can easily find Earth’s places using Global Positioning System (GPS). Especially in the business world, the importance of mobile technology is not given much importance; Mobile technology depends on the financing and management of bankers. Many business organizations use mobile technology to increase their earnings by making it easier for customers to sponsor their products through applications and websites. For example, movies can create an application for ticket booking; Railway travel tickets cannot be purchased from the internet, it must be purchased. The emergence of mobile technology has made our lives easier and also preserves our time and resources.

Mobile technology 100Due to the variety of mobile technologies, many mobile operating systems are available for smart phones which have their own unique features. These are operating systems: Android, Blackberry, Websites, IOS, Symbian Windows and BAD Mobile will be briefly discussed: Android is an operating system which Made by Google. The operating system is basically designed for the touch screen mobile device and it is based on a simple manipulation. It uses real touch signals that are related to the real world situation. Android is the first and only open source operating system; this means that it has the ability to port any cell phone. Blackberry is an operating system that Blackberry creates in a limited way. The operating system was originally developed for BlackBerry smartphones. This system also supports the use of certain specifications for multitasking and for some of its smart phones such as Touch Ville, trackball, trackback, track pad and touch screen support. IOS is a mobile operating system that is created and developed by Apple. The system was created to use Apple hardware such as phone, iPad and iPod touch.

Since 2008, the operating system is customized to their platform, which allows users to download an app that wants to download like gaming apps, utility apps, gaps and other tools. Any user who has the knowledge to create an application and also can do so by a desire to create a law. WebOS basically has the ability to support Internet programming language, some of which are HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

The Internet is now equipped with a 4G network. Enables a high speed data transmission on these network channels, in the future to make Internet surfing easier, the smart phones will be aware of their environment, they will be able to use the availability of physical inbreed sensors and availability with data exchange. One way of achieving this trend is to start monitoring the user’s personal data on mobile phones, but they will be able to use user’s objectives, or they will be able to predict exactly what information they are interested in. It will be completed by tracking the previous activities of this user. In the next generation of mobile technology, smart phones will be equipped with X-ray tool, which will be able to detect detailed information about the location indicating the phone at that time. Different companies are currently developing applications that can accurately understand the location or phone or user’s current location accurately. With the advent of mobile technology, another device called Omni touch makes it possible to apply a tool that can be applied to hand, hand, desk, wall and other general pages. The device has a sensor-touch interface that makes it possible for the user to access the function using finger touch.

Since the advent of mobile, it has helped people in many ways; Including: In the safe environment of accidents and other related issues, mobile phones are very important. One of the most important uses of smart phones is that they can ensure the safety away so far when families easily communicate with each other. To capture this, mobile technology is here and there are many features in the future to fill our basic needs and make life easier.