windows 10 and Facebook

Get The Most Out of get windows 10 and Facebook

By using computers and the Internet, almost everyone uses Facebook, so it can make sense for the Windows Store to make an application available on the social network. The question is, how is it stacked on regular web browsers in the web browser? To get the official Facebook app for Windows 10, you need to visit the Windows Store and search for “facebook”. Generally, the app will be displayed as soon as the Windows Store is launched, because of its popularity. Facebook application for Windows 10 Click on the application then click on the button, “Install.” It should not be long to download it, so if you have a slow… Read More

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Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Microsoft has finished a run of approval for Windows 10 Free Upgrade

After the new operating system appears in the Windows 10 market, it offers free offers to all Windows users for one year. All users had an interest in making and their accounts will be flagged for Windows 10 activation. However, many people did not do this, and so when the offer ends, older versions of Windows are still running. However, it has emerged that Microsoft will offer Windows 10 upgrades to users who use helpful technology – such as screen reader – for extended periods, though the original upgrade of Windows 10 ends on July 29, 2013, the official technology upgrades continue until December 31, 2017. This means that almost… Read More

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