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The AI technology is now able to read and display … Human Theorotes

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However, the results of the pictures are not really the best quality.

In the past few years, artificial intelligence was always one of the most discussed topics in technology, which was some amazing achievement.

Recently, the Ai continued a long way to reach the stage … not only refer to the mind of man, “if”, “more likely” story, AI really comes close to the era of all our invisible thoughts in our real scene…

Japanese scientists, in particular, are able to read human brain waves and create an AI system capable of displaying their thoughts. For example, if a person looks at “A” photo, the AI ​​system immediately creates a picture of the letter, although the quality is not perfect. However, it actually exposes the brain to people by “entering the brain” and expressing their feelings.

“We’ve created a whole new method called” detailed reproduction “of the human brain,” says the research team. Image “The ability to think in the human brain.”

For more than 10-weeks, volunteers show different types of images and conduct tests by recording their brain waves. This process is directly performed when viewing the image directly or indirectly when asked to withdraw it when it is adopted. The research team used brain training tools to “train” a deep learning network, and then show what the data was being monitored and decoded volunteers.

When this machine starts to learn to read other people’s minds, then they must use the same human opinion: Guess. In particular, if you think about “A”, then the computer system will not actually “see” the shape of this character. It only depends on your brain size and predictions at that time.

Then, thanks to the information received from the brain it will show your thoughts based on your opinion. Because this is the difference between people and AI, in fact, we often guess randomly but rarely depend on other scientific data.

On the contrary, AI can make different predictions. The technology now equipped AI with the ability to wonder your own question and answer at an incredible rate. Enjoying all the information from brain waves, AI will try to produce the nearest image to the correct answer. This process will be repeated until it can create images that are like the most observant people.

5G networkCurrently, this technology is not yet complete, but it will be the future of AI’s strong development. And the apps that bring it are very interesting. One day, we can enable an innate projector in the brain to show and share all your dreams with others.

It helps to get new knowledge from the machine or other people without much contact.

However, this can be a disaster in the area of ​​personal information security, which results in many other serious consequences.