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Who wants to be successful with the malicious microSD memory card?

Micro SD card

Micro SD card is the smallest form of SD card. It can be inserted on almost any digital device: mobile phone, or smartphone, digital camera and so on. And it is supported by almost all hard hardware manufacturers: Samsung, Moto, Xiaomi, HTC and this develops it as such; the capacity of micro SD card has expanded up to 32 GB, up to 64 GB even 128GB. With the ever expanding power, the data loss situation has become more common than ever before. You can lose photo, video, music or other files from microSD card because:

  1. You accidentally deleted all the files, or format the card, so all its files or data went away.
  2. Or, when you write something on the card, you print it out before the written operation ends or the card did not properly remove, thus your micro SD card gets corrupted and you do not have access to photos, videos and other files on your card.
  • To restore the file from the micro SD card, the most important thing is to stop using the card immediately. There were still cards for deleted or formatted data, being removed from visibility. So for full recovery of your information, do not use the card until you return your file.
  • Then, to recover files from your formatted or corrupted microSD card, you will have to use the program called Restore Card Data for Windows. It will be a powerful but easy to use data recovery program that will complete the recovery of the micro SD card file for you. Mac users also have a card data recovery for Mac.Micro card

Restore files deleted from microSD card with card data recovery

Using card recovery data is quite easy, and it is extremely powerful, you may be surprised by how much file it gets:

Windows micro SD card data recovery free download:

>> Download

  1. Connect your micro SD card to your PC via a card reader and run the recovery card data, click on step 1, or click “Start” to continue.
  2. In the left column, select your card as the target card. Then select a recovery mode, if you know exactly what your lost files are formatted, choose advanced mode, otherwise, standard restore it. And click “Scan”
  3. After the scanning is complete, select the files in the preview and click “Recovery”. Then select a location to retrieve the file. Please do not save files directly to your card, or your place will be overwritten.
  4. Then hit “OK” hit, and you can see all recovered photos, videos or files in your selected position.