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Why Most Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to Word Fail

Addition, subtraction, multiplication

MS Word is a popular program for writing. But more work is possible through this program. Using Excel and Access in Office Programs, it can be used to perform mathematical functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. All know. But through wards, the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be done, many of them are unknown. Much of the time is done in mathematical calculations in the work of writing in Word. By applying some formulas, mathematical work can be done in two ways very easily. The first is to create the table and the second is through direct writing.

First method:

Open a new Word file. Suppose we share 5 with 10 numbers, add to minus, multiplication and 5, then create a table with the required columns and rows. In the first column 10, write 5 in the second column. After that click the cursor in the third column (by Office 2007), click on the Table Tools I Layout menu and clicking Formula … from the Data submenu will come in the Formula dialog box. Enter the formula field here = Sum (a1: b1) or by typing = a1 + b1, OK, get result 15.

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and divisionTo subtract, type in formula field = a1-b1, to multiply = a1 * b1, to divide = a1 / b1. These mathematical works can be done on separate tables. In that case, each column must be separated as A, B, C, D … etc and each row or field is individually 1, 2, 3, 4…. If you want to add a sub-total of first and second tables to grand-total, you can apply formulas to different column-row or fields.

Second method:

If you have to do some mathematical work in front of the table or directly without table, then by typing 10 + 5 = followed by the previous rules, from the Formula dialog box in the Formula dialog box, type = 10 + 5 then OK. See, the result is 15. Formula dialog box will be written in Formula field – subtraction = 10-5, by multiplying = 10 * 5, divided by = 10/5 and OK, you can see the results gradually.

Note that the = sign works as a result operator. So if the = do not use the results of the mathematical operations cannot be found. Thus, you can complete many mathematical calculations in MS Word.